What is Botamix


The words "Botamix" is a blends of two differents words: Bota (Botanical) and Mix (mix).
Botanical means a substance obtained or derived from plants meanwhile, mix is combine or put together to form one substance.

A star ingredient added is the precious of "Sophora Angustifolia Root Extract". Sophora angustifolia is a small shrub in the pea family (Fabaceae). The root is known as "Ku Shen" which mean "bitter root" in Chinese. For hair care, this extracts aids to improve your overall hair and scalp wellness. It reinforces hair strength, prevents hair thining and at the same time maintains a healthy scalp. Let your hair indulge in nutrients.

Your Hair, Our Care.

添加的主要珍贵成分是“Sophora Angustifolia Root Extract”。 Sophora angustifolia是豌豆科(豆科植物)中的一种小灌木。它的根被称为“苦参”,在中文中意为“苦根”。对于头发护理,这种提取物有助于改善头发和头皮的整体健康。它可以增强头发的强韧度,防止头发变薄,同时保持健康的头皮。让你的头发一直被营养滋润着。


Reinforces hair strength

Prevents hair thining

Improve hair and scalp wellness